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Need your point of view!

Posted by alysonhastings 
Need your point of view!
September 18, 2021 07:42AM
Today with the beginning of life in post-covid world it is hard for people to return to offline activity. All the people are addicted to work online, communicating online and even writing letter online, but I think they should understand that it is not a quarantine anymore and all the interesting events, friendships and work are offline and furthermore - live and emotional communication is available only in real life. What do you think about it?

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Re: Need your point of view!
December 16, 2021 01:32AM
Business correspondence with colleagues by email is part of my job responsibilities. So I haven't paid much attention to the fact that it's a little old-fashioned to use email instead of instant messengers. There is a big difference between communication in different chats and official correspondence via corporate mail. For example, communication in instant messengers involves short informative or not very informative messages and quick responses; these programs are good for communicating with colleagues with whom I have friendly relations. Official business correspondence is much more difficult, responding to requests in letters from colleagues for signing papers, obtaining permits, or simply to communicate important work information and receive confirmation of notification of each employee - this requires a lot of time and good writing skills. But I found a way to save my working time by writing such letters - responses. At first I found the current business rules on a special portal, and then created various letter templates that I needed. This constructor from sample-paragraphs really works really well. I advise you to check this out too and get a correct and complete understanding of how to compose business emails.
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