he impressed everyone with how quickly he picked it up
May 24, 2022 05:00PM
he impressed everyone with how quickly he picked it upThe Bill also confirmed that Parliament had the right to limit the use of remaining prerogatives, as evidenced by the Triennial Act 1694, which required the monarch to dismiss and call Parliament at certain times.[14]One of the monarch's historic prerogatives was the dissolution of Parliament, which was perhaps the most important residual prerogative exercised personally by the sovereign, and represents the greatest potential for controversy.[15] This prerogative was normally exercised at the request of Parliament and the prime minister, either at his or her discretion or following a motion of no confidence. Constitutional theorists have had differing views as to whether a unilateral dissolution of Parliament would be possible today; Sir Ivor Jennings wrote that a dissolution involves the acquiescence of ministers, and as such the monarch could not dissolve Parliament without ministerial consent; if ministers refuse to give such advice, she can do no more than dismiss them. A.


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