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February 11, 2022 03:19PM
from the over the top outfit to the snl players singingLike Jon Ronson points out in Stanley Kubrick Boxes the rhythm of genius is evident in his boxes. The mark of his absolute mastery is him, his neatness, perfection, the unwavering dedication to everything being perfect. The Day of the Fight while fantastic as a piece of film history doesn say as much about what Kubrick was as it had a more happens nature..They pick up a postal worker named Frank, who then has a relationship with Leroy.Another hitman follows them to Las Vegas and kills Frank to make it look like a suicide. Leroy kills him in an act of vengeance, and flees with Samantha. Jerry finds out that Ted, his friend and colleague, wanted to kill him and take the pistol to Margolese, but hesitated and ends up getting handcuffed to a pawnshop owner, after he received the gun from a policeman when Jerry was being interrogated for the bloodstain on the front passenger seat of his car.
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