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Thin Blue Line Flag

Posted by webdesignplus69 
Thin Blue Line Flag
February 13, 2020 02:42PM
At 73, Murphree is a retired US Air Force veteran who believes that the "flag is worth fighting for." Apparently the principals at Lear Capital, a precious metals company in Santa Monica, California agree. When the story reached Scott Carter and Kevin DeMeritt, they felt they had to step in and help. "In this country we protect someone's right to desecrate the flag... to burn it, to step on it, and to deface it... but no one was protecting Mr. Murphree's right to simply display it. We think that's wrong so we offered to help," said Carter.

Thanks to Lear Capital, Larry Murphree will not lose his home, and he has vowed to continue his fight to fly his flag. "It's a small flag, but it stands for a big thank you, and it also stands for the love and respect I have for my country," he states.

Some embrace the Thin Blue Line Flag out of a sense of pride, others to honor tradition. To veterans, however, it represents something very different. It is the blood of heroes and an enduring symbol of liberty that has been hoisted in battle, raised in revolution, unfurled in victory, and draped over a hero's last journey home.
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