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the ACC adaptive cruise control syste

Posted by zhouyueyue 
the ACC adaptive cruise control syste
August 29, 2019 02:41AM
Evaluation Reiz 3.0V fashion Ultimate Autos Articles | April 2 Stephen Johns Jersey Youth , 2012
The exterior design is definitely the highlight of the place of new Reiz most aero use of more aggressive right of rendering the visual effects in2012.

Speaking of rear-wheel drive, compared to playing car people will like. Looking around, the B level of the car scene car, in addition to the Mercedes-Benz and BMW one should count the Toyota Reiz, I want to buy this car, the part that is because Flanagan long drive shaft ......If we say that the large displacement engine for the small car assembly is the assembly of large displacement engine, medium level and above models can only be considered in order to meet the power output of this model turned performance steel gun, then Esa Lindell Jersey Youth , or more margin for the power output and assembly. However, when a mid-sized car, relying on a large displacement engine with a look of sporty design and form of the driving rear-drive, seems to meet the power output does not attack from the off.The exterior design is definitely the highlight of the place of new Reiz most aero use of more aggressive right of rendering the visual effects.Intuitive changes from the network, remember the old models of ordinary despicably ordinary chrome grille? Reiz has been thoroughly abandoned its removed the middle two horizontal chrome bar, bringing the connotation of a more feeling.New Reiz the overall shape can be described as a sharp, the width of the body to increase 20mm reach 1795mm, while the stability of the vehicle in motion has also been further improved. Body of data from the point of view Joe Pavelski Jersey Youth , the 2850 mm wheelbase performance so that the sharp aim at Chevrolet camp based on not a problem, but the wheelbase and the movement of opposition I have some doubts about the sports performance of the 3.0V models.The Reiz side of the line has always been the best looking, at least I think so, slender and beautiful, new models are also maintained the lines of the old models, coupled with the 18-inch wheels, really good to see.New Reiz turn signal can be said in shape, very fashionable at the same time a smaller rear-view mirror bracket also made a great contribution to the drag coefficient.Headlight configuration Blake Comeau Jersey Youth , the top version with models, but no LED elements and increasingly running lights, or let me tangle endless, after all, the configuration of the daytime running lights is based on security as a precondition to consider the design of However, because this generation Reiz is listed last year, the daytime running lights are not yet popular in the domestic market.Therefore, in the next generation of annual facelift Reiz models continue to look forward to it. In addition Mattias Janmark Jersey Youth , with a height adjustable headlights, automatic xenon headlights, headlamp washer system configuration, or worthy of recognition, while the bend-assist illuminator and comes standard with front fog lamps provide a full guarantee for safe driving .Rear taillight shape changes, designed to follow the design concept of the headlights and the shape of the body as a whole sharp, also abandoned the doctrine of the rounded design, edge treatment is still very sharp.Pieces of alloy rims is definitely the movement range of children Radek Faksa Jersey Youth , and 23545R18 Michelin PP2 tire fascinated many modifications, and its outstanding sports performance very much in line with the positioning of the cutting-edge blog.Open the door, the interior of the new Reiz its sharp design, the interior showed very Japanese cars unique temperament, color mix gives a pleasant feeling, but weakened the movement characteristics is also an indisputable fact.Center console and door panels wrapped in soft material, will not feel any looseness in the control panel selected the chrome trim and Crochet handle with imitation wood panel with; objective without any problems to the overall sense and price should feel more in place, but I personally think that a slight lack of texture.Steering wheel as a whole hold up feeling very full John Klingberg Jersey Youth , very full, of course, for a pursuit of sports cars, gear change paddles, the essential thing, dial down the texture and flexibility.Two water cup holder row house with fixtures, but fixed not particularly obvious, resulting in a fixed solid shake in the road is very powerful Tyler Seguin Jersey Youth , it will skew the situation.The center armrest cover the child can slide back and forth for easy access items, but the center armrest box and can car DVD not directly open the back sliding is a necessary step in this old section of the same. Open and found the depth of the armrest is not similar to the phone length.In addition, the AUX port and 12V power inverter interface placed in the armrest box, Reiz does not provide the USB port or SD card, direct-reading device, compared to these two configurations to the more direct and more convenient.Careful observation is not difficult to find Dangba rear set a button to open the sport mode and snow mode, everyday driving switch is very convenient.Reiz rear seat backrest can not only 6:4 down to the ground, you can also adjust the tilt angle of the backrest Jamie Benn Jersey Youth , further amplified the comfort of rear passengers. The only drawback is the design as Reiz front drive, the drive shaft affect the formation of the rear floor.Fortunately, most of the owners probably a year, a rare few times to let the car filled with five people, really full load, it is best to avoid long-distance travel.In the same price competitors, powered by the very few models of the ACC adaptive cruise control system, the Reiz precisely a model equipped with this feature. More than 40 km h speed Andrew Cogliano Jersey Youth , ACC adaptive cruise control system can be operated, can trigger the function by operating cruise where the lever up and down toggle lever to adjust the following distance.State when the speed below 40 km h, the ACC adaptive cruise control system automatically removed. It is worth mentioning is that the ACC

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