french surrender june 1940edit
June 21, 2022 07:32PM
french surrender june 1940editFirst things first: I generally loathe posts with gifts for men or for your boyfriend because most focus exclusively on items that are normatively masculine (gadgets! woodgrain! whiskey! bacon!) in a way that I find reallllllly obnoxious. And I think that when people are searching for gifts for men, what they mean is people who are hard to shop for/who don't love cute things. So that's what this list is: a roundup of cool gifts that my coworkers and I love, own, and have actually given men (and hard to shop for women!) we know, not a bunch of gifts for men based on dumb stereotypes. Most women I know would also appreciate these gifts because they are objectively great gifts, and gender is a construct!!! That said, I know what y'all are typing into Google, and I'm just here to give the people what they want..

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