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for valid reasons

Posted by jenylans 
for valid reasons
April 19, 2022 10:06PM
for valid reasonsThe criticism from Kelly is noteworthy. His rundown of critiques includes some of the things we've heard similarly complained about in reports about the team's assessment of Taylor's play. Tyrod's struggles to consistently see and complete throws over the middle have been the source of gripes since 2015 when some on the coaching staff considered EJ Manuel the better prospect..1. The case for FloridaFlorida finished 4 8 last year. Missouri finished 12 2. Oh man, this would be a pretty saucy pick. He did attempt 35 passes against the Rams on Sunday, but the Jags were kind of put out of position by the special teams that allowed a kickoff return to start the game and some other issues that were related to Bortles making poor throws. I know a lot of folks saw that one pick and said, 'but the ball was tipped.' Which it was.

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