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JustUnfollow, to clean up your Twitter account

Posted by shoroviakter 
JustUnfollow, to clean up your Twitter account
March 03, 2022 03:21AM
Once registered, JustUnfollow offers several very interesting functions. The first is to know who among your followings does not follow you. This is not a reason for all the unfollowers on the field, but it allows you to see clearly in your followers. The tool also allows you to draw up an overview of your "fans", your followers that you do not follow. Again, this helps ensure you're not missing out on important accounts to follow. The tool also offers a function to track its unfollowers. Always useful to unmask the mass-follow / unfollow which remains a trend as persistent as it is

unbearable. JustUnfolow is also able to unmask your inactive followings. This allows you to sort through your list of followed accounts, and to unsubscribe from accounts that Phone Number List have not tweeted for 6 months.Note that the interface is very intuitive and really successful graphically. JustUnfollow is also available on iOS and Google Play . add to your list of Twitter tools now, especially since it's free. For Instagram, JustUnfollow basically offers the same features. Again, it's really very

useful for managing your account on a daily basis. If Jus Unfollow has no revolutionary functionality, it has the advantage of grouping several tools within the same interface.Other features are less interesting and look like rather low-quality mass-following. You can for example make a list of all the followers of an account. this can be handy for a benchmark, but it still looks a lot like automated following.
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