How to effectively prepare for an essay
February 14, 2022 04:09PM
We have already told you about the steps you need to take in order to write a good essay, whether as part of a TOEFL or IELTS test or another assignment. The list of actions is not an insignificant one, and the task itself is not an easy one if you approach it responsibly.
Even if you do not act according to this scheme, it is worth considering that there are things that need to be done even before you start writing the 99papers review itself. There aren't many of them, but they are very important to the process.

1. Plan your time.
Think about how much time you have at your disposal and distribute it effectively between individual tasks: you will need time to think and "gather your thoughts into a pile", enough time to write a draft, to proofread and to write a "clean slate". In this case, if you have several days at your disposal, it is better to distribute the writing and proofreading of the finished text on different days, so that later you can look at your creation "with fresh eyes".

2. Make sure you understand the topic of the essay
This may sound ridiculous, but, really, you need to make sure that you understand the assignment exactly, and your essay will accurately answer the questions posed. Particular attention should be paid to the verb in the assignment: if you are asked to analyze, the essay should be an analysis, if illustrate, it should have vivid examples, etc.

3. Plan and conduct the research paper effectively
Many people make the mistake of concentrating on collecting and researching all the information that is available on a given topic. But you should only be interested in information that is relevant to the question at hand and your goals - eliminating unnecessary information will save you time.
Given how much time you have at your disposal for research, you can plan your research work right away, calculating how many sources you need to study and how deep you need to "dig.

Organize Your Materials
Having prepared everything you need and gathered all the information, you can begin your work. But before that, you should sort through all the knowledge you have gained, leaving only what will go into the essay, understand the order in which you are going to state your thoughts, decide on the structure of your essay. This will save you from having to correct and rewrite the text if you suddenly forget something important or if you see that, logically, the order of the essay should be changed.

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